Stress Incontinence Treatment for Women

No need to put your life on hold any more

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence is now fully curable
  • Latest in medical technology and FDA approved
  • Treatment is non-surgical temperature-controlled radiofrequency therapy (TTCRF)
  • Get rid of urinary leakage problem forever
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Who should do this procedure?

  • Suffer from bladder leakage when you laugh or run
  • Childbirth and menopause have changed vaginal tissue
  • Exercise and lifestyle changes have failed to stop it
  • Limits your work and social life, especially exercise and leisure activities
  • Need a non-invasive treatment for mild to moderate SUI

Reason to do RF Treatment?

  • Symptoms including SUI, urinary urgency and frequency, urinary urge incontinence
  • Strengthen vaginal and bladder wall to reduce incontinence
  • Reduce vaginal dryness and vaginal itching
  • Cures stress incontinence completely within 1-2 sittings

How is it administered ?

  • TTCRF therapy is FDA approved and based on latest research
  • RF treatment uses cryogen surface cooled energy on vaginal tissue
  • A disposable probe is used to directly administer RF energy on tissue
  • Non-ablative heat is delivered 3-5 mm deep beneath surface mucosa
  • Typically 1-2 sittings for 30 mins are required for good results

Effect of RF Treatment

  • Significant reduction of SUI by strengthening peri-urethral striated muscle
  • Stimulates collagen formation and elastin growth improves blood flow
  • New growth increases lubrication and restores the strength and elasticity of the vaginal canal
  • Reverses effects of aging on the bladder and pelvic floor

Your first Consultation

  • Senior Doctor will discuss everything from your concerns and conditions to treatments.
  • We only use state of the art technologies and this starts with your consultation
  • In-depth analysis of your body in your consultation to find root of your problems
  • You will also be guided on lifestyle and exercise choices to augment the treatment

Our expert doctor

  • Our doctor has many years of experience in this field
  • Treated numerous successful stress urinary incontinence patients
  • Complete knowledge about the whole procedure
  • Friendly and with a strong work ethic
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2 kids and 40+. Feel like living again| Review from R.A. Following my hysterectomy six years ago I urinated when I laughed or sneezed. I have two teenagers at home so you can understand how much I have to run around. After just one treatment, I saw significant improvement in appearance, significantly increased tightness, and 100% elimination of my incontinence.

It was embarrassing| Review from M.B. I was nervous about the procedure more so because I was embarrassed. The reason I got treatment was mainly for urinary stress incontinence. Post baby, it was so annoying not being able to hold urine especially while working out. Dr Devki is extremely professional. Really listened to my problems. But I did the RF sessions and I’m OK now, no problems at all. Thank you!

Finished All Treatments | Review from S.K. I was getting up four to six times a night to use the toilet due to overactive bladder. It was extremely frustrating and uncomfortable, not to mention the lack of sleep. I was told it could take a few weeks for relief but saw a huge difference just after two treatments. I can hold my urine longer now and can make it to the bathroom with enough time.

About us

  • We are pioneers in use of latest technology and surgical techniques to help our patients
  • We are the only company in India to use remote digital stethoscope technology for home care patients
  • Our mission is to make high-end healthcare easy for common people
  • We are sole operators of THERMI® Arvati RF machine in Mumbai
  • Initiative by Kulkarni Hospital, established in 1990


What is Stress Urinary Incontinence and is it a common problem?
Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is an involuntary loss of urine that occurs during physical activity, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercise. Approximately 1 out of 3 women over the age of 45, and 1 out of every 2 women over 65 have SUI.
How do I know if RF therapy is a good option for me?
Temperature-controlled radiofrequency therapy (TTCRF) is intended for mild to moderate cases of SUI. For extreme cases, we recommend to consult a surgeon for SLING surgery.
Are there other options to treat stress urinary incontinence?
There are non-surgical treatments for stress urinary incontinence including behavioral techniques and pelvic floor muscle exercises. We recommend doing RF therapy in combination with them for most effective results.
Will RF therapy cure my incontinence symptoms with 100% certainty?
There is no surgical or nonsurgical option for incontinence that has a 100% cure rate, but RF therapy for Bladder Leakage have been studied extensively and have shown to have similar success rates as that of surgical options.
What side effects can occur with the use of RF therapy?
The side effects of RF therapy are generally considered to be on the good side, i.e. increased libido, better lubrication and stronger orgasms.
What can I expect during recovery?
There is no downtime with RF therapy. You may begin your daily routine immediately after the sitting.